Special Safety Training held by CRAFT

Special Safety Training held by CRAFT

On the morning of 20th of December in 2016 the projects and safety team from CRAFT were gathered on the roof top of the Fortune Projects site for a special Scenario Safety Training:

Demonstration of fall of person

Our Registered Safety Officer along with our projects team carried out the training with a life size dummy doll.

2 different scenarios were simulated. In the first scenario, the dummy was equipped with a life line and a safety net was also installed as the fall arrest system. The dummy was then displaced over the edge and caught by the safety net.

In the second scenario, the dummy was only equipped with a life line as the fall arrest system. The dummy was then displaced over the edge and caught by the life line.

After completing the demonstrations, a discussion between the staff was conducted to establish ground rules of working at heights and systems that have to be implemented. These discussions included implementing equipment such as rigid guard-rail system, full body harnesses and double lanyards, as well as the details of safety net installation and the proper use of the lifeline.

CRAFT puts safety as our first priority and we aim to eliminate risks and to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our staff. One way of achieving this is through the participation of these types of safety drills and demonstrations. From regular scenario training like first aid and rescue drills and demonstrations of fall of person, we hope to educate our staff the correct way to operate on site and in turn eliminate the chances of accidents occurring.


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